Fahr Raine Equestrian
Updated 2021


Three Types of Massage Therapy

Fahr Raine Equestrian offers three types of massages for their clients.  Relaxational massage is the most common, allowing the horse’s mind and body to relax.  Horses often fall asleep in this type of massage.  Rehabilitational massage is used when a horse is recovering or managing a condition.  This massage helps realign scar tissue and can be used in all stages of a condition from acute to chronic.  Relaxational and rehabilitational often can be combined depending on the condition.  Sport massage is used before or after an event, such as a competition.  Used before this massage helps stimulate the muscle to prime them for action, which can improve performance.  After a compeition sport massage aids the fatigued body in recovery and helps to prevent new injuries from occuring.

What to Expect for the Initial Session

1. Elizabeth will discuss with you your horse’s history and the primary reason you would like massage therapy for your horse. 2. During the initial massage session, Elizabeth will take an overall assessment of your horse’s movement, conformation, and muscle tone 3. After this assessment Elizabeth will perform an introductory massage to allow your horse to start trusting their massage therapist and learn to relax under massaging hands 4. After discussing her initial findings with you, Elizabeth will contact the horse’s veterinarian to discuss possible contraindications and treatment plan options if needed. For each massage therapy session, please have your horse cooled out, dry, and cleaned off.  A wet horse that is covered in mud is very difficult to clean quickly and massage efficiently.  Also, please schedule your appointment during a quiet time in the barn (i.e. avoid feed time and turn-in/- out). For pricing or to schedule an appointment please contact us at efahrner@fahr-raine-equestrian.ca