Fahr Raine Equestrian
Updated 2021


Our Goal

Fahr Raine Equestrian’s (FRE) goal is to use a personalized whole body approach which includes a treatment plan encompassing massage therapy, stretches, remedial exercises, and hydrotherapy based on the horses’ needs.  FRE believes when using this approach open communication with all parties (veterinarian, other health care practitioners, owner, trainer etc.) is key to improving whole body function.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a graduate of D’Arcy Lane School of Equine Massage Therapy.  This program is one of a kind, requiring students to complete an intensive 2 year (2200 hour) curriculum that includes studies in: Equine Anatomy, Equine Physiology, Equine Pathology, Conformation and Kinesiology, Equine Massage Theory and Techniques, Equine Massage Treatments, Hydrotherapy, Equine Behaviour, Equine Management, Professionalism and Ethics, Business Management, and a Research Project. Elizabeth graduated at the top of her class and received the Academic Award of Excellence, the Clinical Award of Excellence, and a D’Arcy Lane Ambassador Award. Elizabeth then went on to complete the International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists (IFREMT) board exams, for which she recieved the title of Registered Equine Massage Therapist (REMT). Elizabeth is a full member in Good Standing with the IFREMT. Before Elizabeth started her journey in the equine health care industry, she completed a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Environmental Science at Western University. Elizabeth is also a Certified English Instructor with Jump with Equestrian Canada and Ontario Equestrian.