Fahr Raine Equestrian
Updated 2021



Please schedule appointments during a quiet time in the barn (i.e. avoid feed time and turn-in/-out).  Remember to have your horse cooled out, dry, and cleaned off.  A wet horse that is covered in mud is very difficult to clean quickly and massage efficiently.  Payment We accept cash, cheque, or e-transfer.  Please make cheques out to Elizabeth Fahrner. E-transfer passwords should be something both you and Elizabeth will know without a doubt. Service Area We offer equine massage therapy sessions within South Central Ontario (particularly York Region, the GTA, and surrounding areas).

Fahr Raine Equestrian

PO Box 462 Gormley, ON L0H 1G0 phone: 416-938-0814 e-mail: efahrner@fahr-raine-equestrian.ca